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Giving our patients the care they deserve.

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Outpatient Department
From the time a patient walks in or is brought into the clinic, we have a seamless intake process, from registration and general examination to consultation and treatment and departure. We offer a comfortable and relaxing common room while you wait to be attended to:

  • Health Promotion and Screening
  • Physical Examination
  • School Health
  • Immunization (Childhood and Adult)
  • Day Surgery
  • Periodic Free Medical Care, including collaboration with International Medical Missions

Emergencies are seen 24 hours a day with an on-call physician and 2-bed emergency room. This is complemented by laboratory, x-ray, oxygen, nebulizers, and standby generators. You can call in advance notice to the emergency room through our number 0-703-548-4102.

  • Accidents and trauma
  • Acute Malaria Fever
  • Asthma
  • Fever/Seizures
  • Bleeding
  • Diarrhea
  • Phone consultation with a doctor (existing relationship)

We have a 12-bedded facility that is expandable to 16. We have:

  • 4 private rooms with toilet and shower, A/C, fridge, and cable TV
  • 4 semi-private wards holding 2 patients per ward. 2 patients share a toilet and shower.
  • Call light at all times available at the bedside.

Feeding is upon request. Rooms have ceramic tiled floors, private toilets, and janitorial services. Common admissions are for malaria, diarrhea, dehydration pneumonia, post-surgery, uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart failure, etc.


  • Scheduled weekly antenatal services
  • Walk-in antenatal services
  • Well-equipped delivery room with suction and incubator for at-risk newborns

radiologist and nurse preparing patient for chest xray

We have an air-conditioned and operational theater equipped for basic surgeries including caesarean section, laparotomy, herniorrhaphy, and routine orthopedic and general surgical procedures.

We have a fully equipped lab run by a lab technologist that provides:

  • Full blood count and transfusion services
  • Complete metabolic (liver, heart, and kidney) panels
  • Routine blood and urine culture
  • Parasitology
  • Pathology

Diagnostic Imaging

  • Ultrasound with abdominal, vaginal, and vascular probes
  • 100MA x-ray machine capable of regular and special procedures
  • 12-lead ECG (interpretative)

We have an in-house pharmacy that is well-stocked to meet the needs of our clients.


  • Borehole for regular water supply
  • Standby generator(s)
  • Parking spaces