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Our History

Established in 1994, Mayors’ Clinic was pivotal in healthcare delivery in the underserved Northeast area of Port Harcourt. Beginning as 5-bedded clinic in a rented 3-bedroom apartment in the heart of Rumudara town, it expanded into a 16-bedded facility located in a two-storey facility off East-West Road also in Rumudara, Port Harcourt. This location is quiet and conducive for patient care.

Our Motto

The motto of Mayors’ Clinic is health first. By primarily serving private patients, a demographic whose majority is struggling financially, we have become endeared to them. We are also a beneficiary to charitable donations by our founder in cash, materials, and services, which has allowed us devote time to patient care. We partner with our patients in provision of health care because what is good for the patient is good for Mayors’ Clinic.

Our Patients

We make it possible for individuals and families in our service area to access health care services. We serve the underprivileged by providing standard services to all our patients regardless of means, age, religion, race, and nationality. By exercising this privilege, we are able to realize our tradition of putting “health first”.